LIFE is Helping

LIFE in the Community

LIFE Research is in the process of establishing itself as a main resource for cancer patients in Los Angeles. A strong dedication to science and commitment to serving the community form the basis of our mission at the institute. We are developing a comprehensive fertility preservation plan in collaboration with a team of oncologists, and are currently partnering with regional institutions to initiate programs that will directly benefit cancer patients and their families. LIFE Research aims to improve the quality of life through education, outreach, clinical trials and patient care.

Fertility Preservation for Women with Cancer

The Lyan Institute of Fertility Research is dedicated to the advancement of fertility preservation for women diagnosed with cancer. One focus of our current research is understanding the exact process by which cancer treatment destroys eggs and ovarian tissue. The degree of egg loss is dependent upon many factors, including the patientís age, and the type, dose and duration of chemotherapy or radiation. Although the mechanism for this loss is unknown, it is thought to be due either to changes in the blood supply of the ovaries or changes at the molecular level of the egg.

Older age, alkylating chemotherapy agents such as cyclophosphamide, higher doses of chemotherapy or radiation, and longer duration of treatment are most damaging. And although there is some data suggesting that the use of GnRH-releasing agents may limit the detrimental effect of chemotherapy or radiation on egg count, the results are not conclusive. Thus, fertility preservation treatment prior to chemotherapy or radiation is the most effective way to safeguard future fertility.

Providing a Network of Support

Dr. Jain and the staff at Santa Monica Fertility Specialists have created a comprehensive fertility preservation plan to assist women and their families as they navigate the unique decisions facing them following a cancer diagnosis.

Through our relationships with hospitals, academic institutions, and a network of cancer specialists, psychologists and other professionals, we are able to provide a global network of care for the patient. This organization facilitates patient care, offering logistical assistance to oncologists, and a comprehensive fertility preservation program to patients with no waiting period for consultations or treatment.

Offering Financial Support

Our partnership with Santa Monica Fertility Specialists enables us to offer cancer patients egg freezing at half the standard rate. We hope these reductions in cost help alleviate stress and reduce the need for patients to seek outside financial support.