LIFE Research Message from the Medical Director

Welcome to the Lyan Institute of Fertility Research

We are a dynamic foundation dedicated to improving the science of cryobiology through basic, applied and translational research in human fertility and embryonic development. A major area of focus at LIFE Research concerns the genetic and metabolic analysis of human embryos. Our understanding of the mechanisms that impede normal embryonic development allows us to gain insight into early human development, and may have far-reaching implications for disease prevention and stem cell research. A primary goal at the institute is to continue our development and implementation of advanced fertility preservation technology to benefit women newly diagnosed with cancer.

LIFE Research is a practice-based research center, developed with a strong academic foundation. Our interdisciplinary studies in reproductive science focus on the improvement of overall human health by understanding, supporting and optimizing the genetic health of human gametes and embryos.

Our collaborations with academic institutions in the United States and abroad further contribute to our mission of redefining what is possible in the field of fertility medicine diagnosis and treatment.

John K Jain, MD, FACOG
Medical Director, LIFE Research